The Peach Plan: Upper Body & Abs

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Since the original The Peach Plan: Booty & Legs so so many of you have wanted to put more focus on training your upper body too. So, I've designed an 8-week upper body & abs training plan, which fits in perfectly with the original guide. You can alter the upper/lower focus to suit your exact preference and needs.


The Upper Body & Abs guide is an 8 week training plan, focusing on balancing out your figure. It's so important to train upper body as well as booty and legs. We all want slightly different balances of upper and lower - don't get stuck in the mindset that there is a perfect balance... Everyone is different and you should shoot for your own version of balance!


Because of this, the Upper Body & Abs guide has been designed so that you can hand-pick how many upper and lower body training days you have. You can easily pick your own frequency, depending on which part of your figure you want to bring up at any given time.


  • 8 Week Upper-Body training plan
  • Selection of abs circuit-style workouts
  • Prime and Balance out your Upper Body
  • My approach to training abs properly
  • Develop a strong and toned core
  • Detailed workout plan
  • Important warm-up activation routine
  • Instructional exercise notes and photos
  • Over 40 pages of information!

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