The Peach Plan: Booty & Legs

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The original! The Peach Plan: Booty & Legs is an 8-week lower body training plan, focusing on glutes. This includes activation, two training phases and a brief nutrition & recipe guide.

You can follow the workouts and then grow yourself a big bum and be very happy!

  • 8 Week glute training plan
  • Prime and Grow your glutes
  • Detailed workout plan
  • Important warm-up routine
  • Instructional exercise notes and photos
  • Brief nutrition guide
  • Easy healthy recipes
  • Over 35 pages of information!



Q: Are you a qualified Personal Trainer?


Q: How long is the workout plan?

8 weeks

Q: What is included?

Full workout plan, warm-up routine, brief nutrition guide, recipes & more!

 Q: Who is this plan suitable for?

The Peach Plan is designed for both beginners and intermediate trainers. It is split in to two phases, so it really doesn't matter how much training experience you have.

Q: Is this a home workout plan or gym based?

Gym based, but the majority of the exercises could be adjusted to be done at home. However, home workout alternatives are not written in the plan, so that would be up to you to adjust. 

Q: How do I download the plan?

Once you have purchased the plan, you will be sent an email with the download link. Just open the email, click the link and it will download for you.