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Peachy Community

Customers of The Peach Plan get access to this incredible Facebook community of like-minded people!

I love this community! Not only has it helped me with my fitness goals but in many other areas of my life! Most supportive group of lovely girls!

Shannon L

The Peachy Community has become the definition of women supporting women to me! Whether it’s fitness related or not, there is ALWAYS support found here, people to cheer you on.

Jenna P 

This community has made me feel like I can finally do things for myself. I know that if I ever need help and advice, the whole community is here for me, and me for them. It's like a family.

Anna M

It's a safe place to voice any type of worry, heartbreak, and celebrate everyone's accomplishments. The Peachy Community is so much more than just fitness, it's a safe space for everyone in need of a listening ear.

Sandra Q

It consists of the most beautiful, motivational and inspiring women who encourage self-love. It’s the safest place for everyone to express what they need to express without any judgement.

Veronica K